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The missing tool of modern analysts, your online QDA software for qualitative data analysis.

WordMaps QDA 4

Researcher, business, student, teacher or journalist? Analyze and explore your qualitative data with WordMaps QDA 4 in ways and with speed that were previously impossible, while also getting higher quality results.
Trusted by researchers, flexible, secure and Big Data ready, WordMaps QDA 4 also supports easy sharing and collaboration, plus many more...
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What Researchers Say

Tanya Karoli Christensen, University of Copenhagen
"...WordMaps QDA is a really useful tool for analyzing texts..."
Per Durst-Andersen, Copenhagen Business School
"WordMaps QDA is an intelligent search system in all senses of the word..."
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Features Overview

Topic Modeling: Besides our highly advanced multilingual topic model, you can create, share and even sell your own topic models.
Big Data Capable: Ready to store and process millions of texts.
Friendly User Interface: No more need for long user manuals.
Online Qualitative Research: No more time consuming installations and complicated requirements. WordMaps QDA works directly in your browser (Firefox 49+, Chrome 54+ and Internet Explorer 8+), so you can securely access your work from any devices, anytime you wish.
Free to Start: Forget about expensive yearly licenses. WordMaps QDA 4 allows you to start for free, then pay-as-you-go. Simple.
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