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WordMaps QDA

Researcher, business, student, teacher or journalist? Analyze and explore your qualitative data with WordMaps QDA in ways and with speed that were previously impossible, while also getting higher quality results.
Trusted by researchers, flexible, secure and Big Data ready, WordMaps QDA also supports easy sharing and collaboration, plus many more...
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WordMaps is a platform resource for extracting key insights from documents. The platform facilitates analytic transparency for a range of needs, including GDPR-compliance (https://eugdpr.org), general document-based due diligence, authorship and linguistic/forensic analysis as well as journalistic research.

WordMaps comes with a built-in Topic Model fast and reliable analysis, along with navigation of large bodies of qualitative data. Users can also develop their own Topic Models with our intuitive user interface (see tutorials).

The WordMaps Topic Model supports the recognition of:
- Word classes/parts of speech.
- Rhetorical devices and phraseology.
- Semantically sorted content (over 180.000 topics - April 2019).

Analyzable texts include company-internal material, content from social media, political debates, speeches and digitized historical documentation.

At the core, WordMaps is aimed at qualitative discovery. Wherever relevant, WordMaps also allows for quantification and visualization of findings. Key reports are WordMaps Token Clouds, WordMaps Intersections/CrossTabs, WordMaps Vocabulary Analysis, and WordMaps N-gram Analysis. WordMaps supports the use of boolean logic when combining criteria plus powerful uses of parent and child topics.

For more information, do create your own WordMaps account (quick and free) and watch our videos on YouTube .

What Researchers Say

Tanya Karoli Christensen, University of Copenhagen
"...WordMaps QDA is a really useful tool for analyzing texts..."
Per Durst-Andersen, Copenhagen Business School
"WordMaps QDA is an intelligent search system in all senses of the word..."
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Features Overview

Topic Modeling: Besides our highly advanced multilingual topic model, you can create, share and even sell your own topic models.
Big Data Capable: Ready to store and process millions of texts.
Friendly User Interface: No more need for long user manuals.
Online Qualitative Research: No more time consuming installations and complicated requirements. WordMaps QDA works directly in your browser (Firefox 49+, Chrome 54+ and Internet Explorer 8+), so you can securely access your work from any devices, anytime you wish.
Free to Start: Forget about expensive yearly licenses. WordMaps QDA 4 allows you to start for free, then pay-as-you-go. Simple.