WordMaps Blog

Welcome to our new website

We are very excited to announce that we have just released our new website. It is quite empty now, but we are working full power on it.

We have done a lot of research and development with WordMaps QDA 3, and now with the recently released WordMaps QDA 4 (Qualitative Data Analysis Software), but now it’s time for us to get out and spread the message, as we did not focus that much on the website until now.

This is going to change from now on, as we will start releasing the guides, tutorials and articles that we have already written and used internally. We will also publish new and useful materials along with software updates.

We have made a special page (Press) where all our public appearances will be listed. All links are being gathered, so they will start to appear in the following days.

Stay tuned as more materials are coming soon.

Meanwhile, did you try our new WordMaps QDA 4? We’d love to hear your feedback.